Aman Mishra of 'Gullak' got National Award 13 years ago, then Harsh Mayer did not get work for 6 years

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Actor Harsh Mayyar became a household name when the web show 'Gullak' first released in 2019. Five years later and with its fourth season coming out recently, the actor feels great that the audience is loving the show. “Without doing big promotions, Gullak has garnered so much love from people and it has been liked like crazy and I am getting a very good response. This shows that everything is content driven these days,” he said. Harsh Mayyar told 'Hindustan Times', “I was lying down for quite some time before the team said let's make a song. Gullak is something that is my home ground. I felt the song is on me so I can lend my voice to it and when the song finally released, people loved it so much that it was unbelievable. I had never thought of such a start in singing, I always thought maybe one day I will work for films. But, it all felt great.”

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Harsh sang a song in 'Gullak'

Harsh Mayar, 26, hopes to get more singing offers and has also expressed his desire to try his hand at rap. However, Harsh, who won the National Award for Best Child Artist for 'I Am Kalam' (2011), reveals that despite receiving so many accolades, the opportunities that came his way did not come quickly.

I had to struggle after coming to Mumbai

He said, 'When I was young, I had no idea about all these things. But later, when I came to Mumbai, I realised that it is a very different world and it would be difficult to experience it alone here. I got my first big break with Hichki (2018). Six years later I am not sure what happened. So, if I didn't get work at first and got work later, I have no complaints. Without any film background, at least people saw talent in me and gave me work.'

the wife said this

The actor feels that social media plays an important role in a celebrity's life. He said, 'Initially, I didn't pay much attention to social media, but when I got married, my wife said you rap, sing, dance and act, so you should maintain your social media, that's when I started paying a little attention to it. People are liking it now! Still, don't overdo it, it should be a medium to stay connected with fans and make people talk more about your work.'

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