Ali Fazal: When my first film did not work, I thought everything was over, now I am getting roles like Mirzapur

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Ali Fazal, who has earned fame for his characters not only in Bollywood but also in Hollywood, was recently seen in a popular Hollywood film like 'Kandahar'. Ali, who came into the limelight with 'Mirzapur 3', is going to become a father very soon. Ali, who has been busy with his career and personal life for some time, believes that working in the industry has its own fun. Exclusive conversation with him.

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Your fans say that a cute boy like Ali is going to be a father. How does it feel?
Do you have to be courageous to become a father (laughs loudly) To be honest, I am the same, that is not going to change. If something is changing, it is my monthly bills. Looking at those bills, I realize that I am growing up. When I see that I have to pay this bill as well as that, then I feel that you have grown up. These remind you of your adulthood. As far as my work is concerned, I go to the set like a four-year-old child. Sometimes it is also like sadhna for me. By the way, the feeling of becoming a father is pleasant. I am still learning what it is like to be a father.

Talking about your career, now roles are being written for you, but what was the rejection in your career that was very difficult for you?
My first film was Always Kabhi Kabhi, which was made by Shah Rukh Khan. That film flopped. I had no understanding at that time. I was very naive, but when the film did not work, I thought everything was over, because this was all I had seen and learned (cinema). I failed. Then I could not understand what to do next? That rejection was a huge fall. There was only one ray of hope that I could not go below that. I had to save my place. I just kept doing my work.

When will the audience be able to see you in romantic and dancing-singing roles?
I did the same in the first film. Now the audience will see it in the future too. See, when I played the character of Guddu Bhaiya in Mirzapur, no one had even thought that I would be able to play such a character. People used to say, you look like a cow. We cannot cast you in such a character. After the super success of Mirzapur, I am getting films with similar characters. Now they say that this is a unique character, so it means that when a character like Guddu Bhaiya has come, romantic roles will also come.

You have done a lot of international films, but does it feel different to be popular in your own country?
Of course, it feels like homecoming. This is your own soil and land and when you do some work here, your people understand you and appreciate you, then the joy is different. When you work in your own language, there is no language barrier. When you work on an international project, you have to work on it in a different way. For my last international film Kandahar, I had to learn Pashto language. I trained in sand biking and got injured many times in it. I am still suffering from those injuries. (Showing his hand) But it is true that there is definitely a desire to tell one's story in one's own country, among one's own people.

The characters in your series 'Mirzapur' are surprisingly grey. What is the grey aspect of your personality?
I think our flaws are our grey side. We are all grey. What we are hiding is who we really are. Sometimes we have to wear a mask socially. I like the indecisiveness of my character Guddu Bhaiya, which I think my character Ali Fazal doesn't have. My character takes decisions quickly, but I think a lot. It takes me a lot of time to make decisions. Sometimes I overthink.

You have been quite busy for the last few days, what do you do to maintain a balance between reel life and real life or to keep yourself connected to ground reality?
It's true. I have been very busy. After Mirzapur 3, I have Metro these days, Lahore 1947, Thug Life and a Hollywood film Afghan Dreamers. I have been working continuously for the last several years. Whenever I need to refresh myself, come back to my world, I talk to Richa (wife). At such times I switch off my phone. We go for long walks. My favourite place to relax is my home.

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