'Aleele Munna'… Ravi Kishan called Rahul Gandhi's speech absurd, Hansal Mehta made fun of the video

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On Monday, the Lok Sabha witnessed a strong speech by Leader of Opposition Rahul Gandhi. He accused the leaders of the ruling party of dividing people on communal lines. Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) MP Ravi Kishan on Tuesday reacted to Rahul Gandhi's speech and called it 'unfortunate'. Now filmmaker Hansal Mehta has taken a dig at Ravi Kishan's statement through his new post on Twitter. Speaking to ANI, Ravi Kishan reacted to Congress MP Rahul Gandhi's speech in Parliament and said, 'It was very unfortunate… He was tossing the image of Shiv Ji on his table. It was unfortunate that he was using God in his debate. His speech showed immaturity and it seemed as if he came to the House only to provoke… This building has a history of hosting civilized leaders

Hansal Mehta's reaction

Hansal Mehta reposted Ravi Kishan's statement with the caption, 'Alelelelelelele Munna…'

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PM Modi's retort to Rahul Gandhi's statement

It all started when Rahul Gandhi claimed that BJP leaders are not Hindus as they indulge in violence and hatred. Soon after, Prime Minister Narendra Modi hit back and accused the Congress leader of calling the entire Hindu community violent. Parts of Rahul Gandhi's speech were later removed.

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ravi kishan movie

Talking about work, Ravi Kishan was last seen in Kiran Rao's 'Missing Ladies', directed by Kiran Rao. Starring Pratibha Rata, Sparsh Srivastava and Nitanshi Goyal, the film revolves around two brides, Phool and Pushpa, who accidentally get switched during a train journey. Hansal directed the hit Netflix series 'Scoop' last year. His next film 'The Buckingham Murders' starring Kareena Kapoor will release on September 13.

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