Akhilesh Yadav's speech: Paper leak, 5 trillion economy, Agniveer… Akhilesh's strong attack on Modi government in Lok Sabha

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New Delhi: In the first session of the 18th Lok Sabha on Tuesday Akhilesh Yadav He put forth his point. He said that both the ruling party and the opposition are constantly putting forth their point. First of all, I want to congratulate and wish the Speaker as well as all the elected MPs. First of all, I thank all those sensible and honest voters who prevented democracy from becoming autocracy. In this election, the Bharat Alliance has had a moral victory, a positive victory. The result of 2024 is a message full of responsibility for us Indians. During this, Akhilesh Yadav fiercely attacked the NDA government at the Center. He raised the issue of paper leak. Opposed the Agniveer scheme. Surrounded the BJP government by mentioning the copy mafia. Also commented on the Center's claim of achieving 5 trillion economy.

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'4 June was the day of the end of communal politics'

Akhilesh Yadav said that at the time of elections, the ruling party had said that they will cross 400. But the public broke the pride of the government. The court is very sad and frustrated and for the first time it seems that a defeated government is in power. The public is saying that the government is not going to last. This is a government that is going to fall because there is no string from above, no base below, what is hanging in the air is not a government. The SP chief said that 15 August 1947 was the day of independence from colonial rule. Therefore, 4 June 2024 is the day of the end of communal politics. Where communal politics has ended, communal politics has started there. Communal politics has been defeated in this election.

Akhilesh said- negative politics has lost

Akhilesh Yadav said that where has the per capita income of our country reached. If our government says that we will create an economy of 5 trillion dollars. But if the economy of Uttar Pradesh has to be made an economy of 1 trillion dollars, then 35 percent growth is required. I do not think that we will be able to achieve this target. Talking about the fifth largest economy, where do we stand in the Hunger Index. I want to say to those who are turning the election in their own way that Chairman Sahab has broken the politics of division and the politics of uniting has won. Negative politics has lost. The protectors of the Constitution have won in the churning of the Constitution. Now the foundation of society will be raised from below and politics will start from there. Meaning now it is not the will of the people, but the will of the people that will prevail. This is the big message of this election.

Attack on BJP government by mentioning UP

Akhilesh Yadav said that how can we talk about Uttar Pradesh if we don't talk about this. People are searching for Ganga ji in the streets of Banaras with the photo of Kyoto. They think that the day Maa Ganga gets cleaned, they will get Kyoto. We could not get rid of orphaned animals. Payment for sugarcane was promised. The public also rejected those who made every promise a mere slogan. The battle for supremacy in Uttar Pradesh is making two people fight among themselves but the public is bearing the brunt of it. Education examination mafias have come into existence. The leaking roof in the first rain and the fallen wall of the station tell the story of meaningless development. If we talk about real development, then planes are landing on the road built by us. The same is the condition of the slogan of Smart City, neither did we get relief from traffic jam nor did we get relief from any basic facility.

'I did not trust EVMs yesterday and I don't trust them today either'

Kannauj MP Akhilesh Yadav said that I did not trust EVMs even yesterday, I do not trust them even today. Even if I win all 80 seats, I still do not trust them. And I had said in my election that after winning with EVMs, I will work to remove EVMs. The issue of EVMs has neither ended nor will it end. Till the EVMs are not removed, we socialists will stick to that point. UP is the state that made BJP form the government twice. There has been a lot of discrimination against UP. I remember the day when the PM landed on the expressway from the biggest plane, but it is a different matter that the CM was not able to sit with him at that time. There has been discrimination not only in infrastructure. The PM had adopted villages on a large scale, what will we say if the picture of that village does not change. I remember the village which he had adopted, which was the PM's ideal scheme, under which there was a lot of noise 5 years ago. In reality nothing happened. Its plight is the same. Broken roads, unpaved footpaths, uprooted and broken bricks, non-functioning hand pumps.

'The government does not want to give jobs, so the paper was leaked'

The SP chief said that the paper of the most prestigious exam of the country was also leaked. The truth is that this government is leaking the paper because it does not want to give jobs. It does not want to give a future to the youth. The public is neither going to be mislead nor will it be influenced by anyone. Now when we talk, it will be the truth and we will tell the public with complete truth and responsibility. Another victory has been achieved. I know that the people sitting in the ruling party must have understood. The victory of Ayodhya is the victory of the democratic understanding of the mature voters of India. And we have been hearing this only, President ji, that whatever will happen will happen. This is the decision of the one whose stick had no voice. Those who claimed to bring someone, are themselves in need of someone's support. The one whose name is the victory of truth over untruth, he is the King of Awadh, Maryada Purshottam Shri Ram, we have brought the message of his love from Ayodhya, who works for the welfare of all with a true heart, whose songs people have sung for centuries, whose gentle smile gives protection, whose bow-arrow is raised for humanity, who is the name of the victory of truth over untruth, who builds dams of dignity on the surging river.

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