After winning the T20 World Cup, Team India is in deep trouble, champion players are imprisoned in a hotel in Barbados, no one knows when they will return

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New Delhi. After winning the T20 World Cup, the Indian cricket team is surrounded by a strange storm. It has been two days since Team India became the world champion, but the players have not been able to return home. Indian fans are desperate to welcome their champion players, but the team is unable to get out of Barbados. The team is stuck in a hotel.

Strong winds are blowing in Barbados right now. It is raining intermittently. In India, when the evening was setting in on Monday, Bridgetown was still cloudy. It has been told that the team will leave after the storm subsides. BCCI Secretary Jai Shah is also there and will return home with the team. But it cannot be said for sure right now when the Indian team and staff will leave for India from the West Indies.

We are waiting for the weather to improve. All flights have been canceled due to bad weather in Barbados. Due to this, the players and staff of the Indian team are confined to their hotel rooms. Captain Rohit Sharma shared a picture with everyone and gave a message of the safety of the team in Barbados.

India defeated South Africa by 7 runs in the final of the T20 World Cup on 29 June. This T20 World Cup was played in West Indies-America. This is India's second T20 World Cup title. India has also won the ODI World Cup twice.

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