After waiting for 7 years, Zaheer married Sonakshi, got married at home wearing an ivory saree like Alia Bhatt

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Sonakshi Sinha and Zaheer Iqbal are now married. The couple has registered their marriage in the presence of their family and close friends. The preparations for which were going on for the last several days. Now the couple's wedding pictures have also surfaced. In which the couple is seen immersed in love and their simple and modest style is also impressing everyone.

Sonakshi and Zaheer have shared their pictures on Instagram and written their heart out. Both of them saw love in each other's eyes on this day (23 June) 7 years ago and now they have given a new name to their love. Both of them have now become husband and wife and for their special day they chose ivory coloured outfits. In which Sonakshi looked like a very lovely bride, while Zaheer's style was also very stylish. (Photo courtesy: Instagram @aslisona)

This was the look of the bride and groom

Sonakshi and Zaheer chose ivory color for their wedding. Both of them looked amazing in it and seeing them reminded us of Alia Bhatt's wedding look. The beautiful girl wore an embroidered saree, while the groom was also seen wearing an embroidered kurta and pyjama. On which stars were attached. Both of them looked very cute together and their love was also clearly visible in the pictures.

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Sonakshi looked very beautiful in saree

Sonakshi kept her wedding look simple as well as classy and wore a saree. She looked very beautiful in it. The beautiful saree had thread embroidery, which looked very beautiful and it was giving a heavy look to the saree. She paired it with a plain blouse. On which designs were made of lines.

Here are the styles of accessories:

Here are the styles of accessories:

Sonakshi finalised her look with Kundan and pearl jewellery. She wore a choker and matching drop earrings around her neck. Which had a touch of golden and ivory colour. While joining his bride, the groom Raja wore a golden luxury watch, while the white rose in the beauty's hair added life to her look.

The little dot looks very nice

The little dot looks very nice

Sonakshi kept her makeup very subtle. In which her features were being highlighted and as always, her winged eyeliner was making her eyes look beautiful. While a small bindi on the forehead was making her look even more beautiful, the beauty decorated her hair with flowers by making a sleek bun in the middle partition. In which she looked like a very beautiful bride from head to toe.

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Sonakshi was seen holding the hand of her father Shatrughan Sinha.

Sonakshi was seen holding the hand of her father Shatrughan Sinha.

There was talk of a rift between the family before Sonakshi's wedding. But, everyone attended the wedding of their beloved daughter and Shatrughan Sinha was seen standing with Sonakshi. The actress was seen smiling looking at her father. In which the love between father and daughter was clearly visible.

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