After these 2 tournaments, Virat-Rohit can say goodbye to cricket

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New Delhi. Two superstars of the Indian cricket team, captain Rohit Sharma and batsman Virat Kohli, said goodbye to this format after winning the ICC T20 World Cup. Now these two stalwarts will never be seen playing T20 for the Indian team. Both of them will be seen in ODI and Test cricket but for how long, this question will remain in everyone's mind. It is difficult to see our star players getting closer to retirement like this but the truth is that both of them will soon say goodbye to cricket completely.

Rohit Sharma and Virat Kohli, who entered the ICC T20 World Cup with the intention of making the Indian cricket team a champion, have accomplished their mission. Both of them said goodbye to T20 International by making the team a champion in 2024 and then handing over the command of the team to the youth. After winning the thrilling final against South Africa, first Virat Kohli and then Rohit Sharma said that this was their last T20 match for India.

Will also retire from Test and ODI
Rohit Sharma and Virat Kohli scored a lot of runs in all three formats of cricket. Both of them retired from T20 International. Now they are going to get rest from ODI and Test cricket. Yes, last year the Indian team lost to Australia in the final of the ODI World Cup. The next World Cup of this format is to be played after 2027. It is difficult for Rohit and Virat to keep playing for the next three years.

It is expected that in the ICC Champions Trophy (ODI format) to be held next year, both the stalwarts will want to make the Indian team champion by playing like the T20 World Cup. After this, they are expected to retire from ODI cricket. The final of the ICC Test Championship is to be played in June next year. Team India, which has played the last two finals, is expected to reach this time as well. The Indian team, which has missed it twice, will want to win this title this time. After India's victory, it is possible that Rohit Sharma and Virat Kohli announce their retirement from Test cricket as well.

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