After naming Twitter X, now another big change is happening, users will be able to make video and voice calls

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Twitter X Domain Change and Evolution

Elon Musk’s Twitter Transformation: On July 24, a significant shift occurred in the Twitter landscape as Elon Musk initiated a name and logo change, rebranding it as ‘X’. Subsequently, on July 26, the introduction of ‘X’ was marked by a monochromatic design alteration to the logo. As part of this evolution, Elon Musk has commenced altering the domain, currently limited to Apple users.

Domain Alteration for iOS Users

This domain transition primarily affects iOS users. The URLs are now originating from instead of the earlier The shift is evident when iOS users share posts via the X app on their iPhones or iPads, with the URL displaying

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Despite the current domain modification being exclusive to iOS users, sources suggest that the change will extend to Android and web platforms, as reported by Verge.

Upcoming Audio and Video Calling Features

X’s Future Ventures: X CEO Linda Yacarino has confirmed a forthcoming enhancement to the platform, allowing users to conduct audio and video calls without the necessity of sharing their phone numbers. In a discussion with CNBC, Linda verified that calls can be initiated within the Direct Message (DM) menu.

Moreover, a sneak peek into this advancement is provided by X’s design engineer Andrea Conway, who shared an image of the new DM menu, showcasing the options for voice and video calls. The video calling functionality is conveniently located in the upper right corner of the X’s DM menu, boasting a user-friendly interface similar to other messaging platforms offering calling features.

Linda affirms that X users will be relieved from the obligation of divulging their phone numbers to initiate voice or video calls. Furthermore, X intends to implement specific measures to curb spam calls and maintain a seamless user experience.

Currently undergoing final testing stages, the video and voice calling feature is poised to go live in the forthcoming weeks. Speculation hints that this addition could potentially be offered as a premium feature for select customers.

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