After frying puris and pakoras, the oil has turned black, just add this special flour and clean it in 2 minutes

Ananya Shroff
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While cooking, it often happens that oil remains in the pan after use. This oil starts looking black due to frying puri, pakoras or something else. It is difficult to use it again because small black particles in it stick to other things. Even after filtering it many times, these small particles do not come out.

Many people throw away black and dirty oil but not everyone can do this. That is why we are telling you how to clean used oil. With the help of these easy tricks, your work will be done in minutes. Not only this, your roasted oil will also start looking like new.

The easiest way

To clean the oil, you have to filter it after using it. Now you must be thinking that even after filtering, black particles remain. So here you have to use a very fine sieve along with tissue paper. With the help of this, your black oil will become absolutely clean and like new.

Corn starch will work

To clean the black oil with the help of corn starch, you have to heat the oil on low flame. Now make a solution of corn starch and water and mix it in it. Be careful that it does not boil, keep stirring it continuously with a heatproof spatula. In a while, the corn starch mixture will solidify completely, now mix the burnt part of the oil in the corn starch and filter the oil.

Add lemon juice to the oil

Add lemon juice to the oil

You can also clean black oil with the help of lemon. For this, heat the oil and cut the lemon into small pieces and put it in it. This will make the black particles of the oil stick to the lemon, which you can filter and throw out. Then you will see that your oil will start looking like brand new.

keep these things in mind

keep these things in mind

Many people leave cooking oil near the gas after using it. In such a situation, there is a possibility of the oil getting spoiled due to the heat emitted from the gas, so to reuse the oil, it is better to keep it away from heat and hot places. Apart from this, to prevent the oil from getting spoiled, try to keep it away from light and moist places.

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