After Christian marriage, Siddharth Mallya got married according to Hindu customs, the bride looked very beautiful in lehenga

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Vijay Mallya's son Siddharth Mallya is now married. Siddharth has married his long time girlfriend Jasmine. Whose pictures are all over social media. Earlier the couple had shared pictures of their Christian wedding, now pictures of their Hindu wedding have also surfaced. In which Jasmine's simplicity as an Indian bride was worth seeing.

Jasmine wore a stylish white gown for her Christian wedding, while for the Hindu wedding she chose a beautiful lehenga. She looked very cute in it. Siddharth's look was also very handsome. So let's take a look at the bride and groom's attire. (Photo courtesy: Instagram @sidmallya/jassofiaa/carleydizon)

The bride and groom were spotted with their friends

Many pictures and videos of Siddharth and Jasmine's wedding have surfaced. In which sometimes they are seen dancing, and sometimes having fun with their friends. Here both are posing with friends during their Indian wedding. In which the smile of the bride and groom is expressing their happiness. At the same time, the Indian couple look of both is quite amazing. Not only this, all their friends are also dressed in Indian attire.

This was the look of the couple

Siddharth had chosen a stylish blue sherwani for his wedding. It had a chain in the front like a jacket and a design was made of silver stars. The groom looked quite dashing in this look. The bride looked very beautiful in a green colored lehenga. With this, she wore a velvet plain sleeveless gown. Her lehenga had small flowers made of golden stars and a maroon embroidered border at the bottom. Jasmine's style was quite amazing in this.

The bride looked gorgeous in minimal jewellery

The bride looked gorgeous in minimal jewellery

Jasmine styled her look with minimal jewellery, which looked perfect with her outfit. She styled maang tikka, earrings and two neckpieces. Which were kept light weight. Whereas, Heesna carried a watch in one hand and a bracelet in the other hand instead of bangles. In which her style looked very cute.

Jasmine won hearts with subtle makeup

Jasmine won hearts with subtle makeup

Jasmine also kept her makeup very subtle in pinkish tones. In which her features were coming out clearly and the glow of her face was also coming out clearly. In such a situation, the newly wed bride, holding Siddharth's hand, won everyone's heart with her simple style.

This is how the couple prepared for Christian marriage

This is how the couple prepared for Christian marriage

Now if we talk about the couple's Christian wedding, Jasmine wore a white colored gown. It had shiny fabric inside and thread embroidery on the sheer fabric on top looked beautiful. With this, she wore a big veil on which the embroidery gave it a lovely look. At the same time, Siddharth paired a white shirt and bow with a velvet suit jacket and completed his look with black trousers. In which he looked stylish.

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