Afridi's anger burst out, he got angry after his son-in-law was stripped of captaincy before the T20 World Cup

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New Delhi. The Pakistan cricket team was eliminated in the first round of the ICC T20 World Cup due to its shameful performance. Discord had started in the team even before the tournament started. PCB had again made Babar Azam the captain of the team before the World Cup. He resigned from his post after withdrawing from the ICC ODI World Cup. The command of T20 was given to Shaheen Afridi but suddenly a decision was taken to remove him without any reason. Former captain and his father-in-law Shahid Afridi has expressed his anger on this matter.

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Shahid Afridi said many things on his social media channel while talking about Pakistan's shameful exit from the T20 World Cup. He also reacted sharply to Shaheen Afridi being stripped of the captaincy. The former captain said, “Look, a decision was taken regarding Shaheen, he was made the captain of the T20 team. When you said that he would captain the team till the T20 World Cup, such a decision should not have been taken. Babar Azam should have come forward here and supported Shaheen.”

He further said, “Babar Azam should have told the selectors that if you have made Shaheen the captain, then we are ready to play the T20 World Cup under his captaincy. He has been playing with me for a long time, if the selection committee has made him the captain, then I will support him. I will play the T20 World Cup under Shaheen's captaincy. Babar Azam should have said this. If he had done this, Babar Azam's respect would have increased even more. Everyone would say that Babar is as big a player as he has taken a big decision.”

Shahid Afridi told how the same selection committee had once called Babar Azam a bad captain and today has handed over the command of the team to him. He said, “Look, I don't completely blame Babar Azam for this. The real fault lies with the selection committee which used to say that Babar Azam is a very bad captain. Many members of this selection committee used to say that he does not know captaincy. All these things have been recorded.”

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