AFG vs BAN: Let these tears flow, let these eyes say something… Afghanistan created history

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AFG vs BAN: Let these tears flow, let these eyes say something… Afghanistan created history

New Delhi: 9 balls, 9 runs and one wicket in hand. Victory seemed easy for Bangladesh. But these fighters of Kabul were not going to give up so easily. Naveen Ul Haq was standing in the way of Bangladesh's victory. Now all the cricket lovers including Afghanistan had their eyes on Naveen Ul Haq. Mustafizur Rahman was in front. The Afghanistan team was just one step away from realizing its dream. Then Rahman got LBW on Naveen Ul Haq's magical ball. The entire stadium echoed. There was silence in the Bangladeshi camp. Tears started flowing from the eyes of Afghan cricketers. It seemed as if the stadium had become a flood of tears. But these were not tears, but the joy of victory. Afghanistan had created history as soon as Mustafizur Rahman was out

let these tears flow today
Yes, Afghanistan has made it to the semi-finals of the T20 World Cup by defeating Bangladesh by 8 runs. This is the first time in history that the Afghanistan team has reached the semi-finals of a World Cup. The tears flowing from Gurbaz's eyes tell how big this victory of Afghanistan is. After the victory, be it Gurjab, Rashid or Gulbadin… everyone's eyes were moist. Tears were continuously flowing from the eyes of some people. How could Gurjab, sitting in the dugout, hide his tears. He had experienced such great happiness for the first time. How could he control his emotions? In the joy of victory, he also let his tears flow randomly. This is an even bigger happiness for Karamati Khan Rashid. He did what no one has done in Afghanistan cricket. But his eyes were also rebelling against him. The glow of victory on his face and tears in his eyes were expressing his emotions.

AFG vs BAN: Afghanistan reached the semi-finals after defeating Bangladesh, will face this team in the final

Tears show the importance of victory
The emotions of the players of the Afghanistan cricket team are enough to tell what this victory means. After defeating Bangladesh, many Afghan players were seen crying. Not only the members of the Afghanistan team, their fans were also shedding tears. The cricket lovers present in the stadium were very happy with Afghanistan's victory. The players' emotions were overflowing. The fans were also drowning in this flood of tears of joy. After defeating Bangladesh, the Afghanistan players took a round of the field. They thanked the fans who supported them. Gurbaz and Rashid were taken around on the shoulders. Along with Afghanistan, the West Indies fans also looked happy. Some players had wrapped the flag of Afghanistan on their bodies. The tears that were flowing till a while ago had now turned into happiness. Everyone was seen taking a round of the field, laughing and waving their hands to thank the fans.

Afghanistan has proven its mettle
Today was the last match of the Super 8 of ICC T20 World Cup 2024. There was a clash between Afghanistan and Bangladesh. Everything was at stake for Afghanistan. With victory, the ticket to the semi-finals had to be secured. What an amazing game Rashid Khan's team showed. By defeating Bangladesh, the hassle of run rate ended. Australia was eliminated and they reached the semi-finals. In this match played in St. Vincent, Afghanistan won the toss and decided to bat first. Afghanistan batsmen could not take advantage of the good start and could only score 115 runs for 5 wickets. Due to rain, Bangladesh team was given a target of 114 runs in 19 overs. Bangladesh team was defeated in front of the sharp bowling of Rashid Khan's team. They could not even chase 115 runs and were all out for 105 runs.

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