Advisory will be issued soon regarding accidents at airports, cargo terminals of all airports will be inspected

Ananya Shroff
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New Delhi: The incidents of the roof collapse at Jabalpur airport on June 27, the departure side roof collapse outside the forecourt area at Delhi airport T1 on June 28 and the Rajkot airport roof collapse on June 29 have raised the question whether these were constructed in a hurry like builder flats, using substandard materials.

Cargo terminals of all airports will be inspected
However, the answers to all such speculations will be found only after their safety audit. For which, immediately after the Delhi airport incident, Union Civil Aviation Minister Ram Mohan Naidu has given orders for it. Cargo terminals of all airports will also be inspected. The ministry has taken all these incidents very seriously. An advisory can also be issued for this soon. Which will include what should be done and what should not be done for the airports of the country during the monsoon season. It will prohibit digging and new construction in and around the airport during the rainy season. Unless there is an emergency need which is extremely necessary to do.

Security audit report ordered at airports across the country
In this matter, an official of the ministry said that not only T-1 but also T-2, T-3 and GA terminals of Delhi airport are being safety audited. In fact, orders have been given to conduct safety audit of all new and old airports of the country within two to five days and submit the report. The report will reveal the quality and strength of the material used in old and new airports or their terminals built in recent years.

The picture will become clear in two-three days
The picture will become clear in two-three days. APM i.e. Airport Manager of all the airports have been asked to be serious about the maintenance of their airports. Responsibility is being fixed for every work. Wherever any deficiency is found, strict action will be taken against the contractors. Let us tell you that in the accident at Delhi Airport, a cab driver died and eight people were injured.

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