Aditya L1 Launch | After ‘Moon’, now it’s the turn of ‘Sun’! Aditya-L1 mission will be launched tomorrow

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Image: ISRO

ISRO to Launch Aditya-L1 Mission to Study the Sun’s Secrets

India is gearing up for the Aditya-L1 mission, which will be launched on Saturday, September 2, from the Satish Dhawan Space Center in Sriharikota. The spacecraft will travel to the Sun’s L1 point, located approximately 1.5 million kilometers from Earth, where it will study the Sun’s activities.

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The Aditya-L1 mission will take about four months to reach the L1 point. This unique orbit allows the satellite to observe the Sun without hindrance.

Understanding Lagrange Points

Lagrange points, denoted as L1, L2, L3, L4, and L5, are positions in space where the gravitational forces of two large bodies, like the Earth and the Sun, produce enhanced regions of attraction and repulsion. L1 is the first point, located 1.5 million kilometers away from Earth, where Aditya-L1 will be stationed. These points are named after Joseph-Louis Lagrange, an 18th-century Italian astronomer and mathematician.

Aditya L-1 Mission Objectives

The Aditya L-1 mission aims to conduct an in-depth study of the Sun’s outermost layer and its atmosphere. It is equipped with seven payloads for this purpose. ISRO encourages people to witness the satellite launch, which can also be viewed online through specified websites.

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