A very special picture was seen in the Lok Sabha when Om Birla was elected Speaker, PM Modi and Rahul were seen together

Ananya Shroff
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New Delhi: Om Birla has once again been elected the Speaker of the Lok Sabha. Voting was not required for this. PM Modi proposed his name and all the MPs supported it. During this, a very special picture emerged when PM Modi himself reached Om Birla and shook hands. On behalf of the opposition, Rahul Gandhi also came to congratulate Om Birla on being elected Speaker. The Congress MP also shook hands with Om Birla. After this, PM Modi and Rahul Gandhi took Om Birla to the Speaker's seat.

Om Birla was elected Speaker. Earlier, the ruling NDA had nominated Om Birla for the post of Lok Sabha Speaker. K Suresh was declared the candidate from the opposition. He also filed his nomination. However, when the Lok Sabha proceedings began on Wednesday, voting was not required. PM Modi proposed the name of Om Birla. Which was supported by all the big leaders of NDA including Rajnath Singh. After this, Om Birla was unanimously elected the Speaker of the Lok Sabha.

It was already decided that Om Birla would be elected Speaker. This is because the opposition was less in numbers. But a special picture was seen in the House. There was no need for voting. Everyone elected Om Birla as the Speaker of the Lok Sabha. It is a huge responsibility to be in this important position for the second time on the occasion of Amritkaal. You have 5 years of experience. We all believe that in the coming 5 years you will guide all of us and this House will play a big role in fulfilling your responsibility to fulfill the hopes and aspirations of the country. It is said in our scriptures that a humble and polite person remains successful, your smile is also sweet, this sweet smile of yours also keeps this House decorated. You have been setting new standards and records. Balram Jakhar ji was the first Speaker who got the opportunity to do so again after completing a term of 5 years, after that you are the one who got the opportunity to sit on it again after completing a term of 5 years. The last 20 years have been such that most of the Speakers did not contest the elections, did not win. But you won and created a new history with it.

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