'A true devotee is one who allows his wife to sleep with the Maharaja'..The British government was tensed due to these allegations against the saint of Vallabh sect

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'A true devotee is one who allows his wife to sleep with the Maharaja'..The British government was tensed due to these allegations against the saint of Vallabh sect

New Delhi: It was in 1861, when an article was published in a reputed newspaper of Maharashtra, 'Satyaprakash'. The title of the article was in Gujarati, but its meaning was- 'The real religion of Hindus and the current hypocritical viewpoint'. This article was written by social reformer and journalist Karsandas Mulji, in which he raised questions on the Vallabh sect called Pushti Marg. In his article, Karsandas had alleged that the then saint of Vallabh sect, Jadunathji Brijratanji Maharaj, had relations with his female devotees. He had made another serious allegation that in this sect it is said that any male devotee who agrees to let his wife sleep with Maharaj will show his devotion. This matter grew so much that even the British government sitting in London was shaken. Recently, there is a controversy before the release of Aamir Khan's son Junaid Khan's first film Maharaj.

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The film is inspired by the famous Maharaj defamation case of 1862

It is believed that this film is inspired by the famous Maharaj Libel Case of 1862, whose case was fought in the then Bombay Supreme Court. At that time the Bombay Court was called the Supreme Court of Bombay. In this case, journalists Karsandas Mulji and Nanabhai Rustamji Ranina, who made serious allegations against the Vallabh sect, were made accused. In this case filed by the Pushti Marg sect, it was said that these allegations are extremely serious and insulting. Actually, the spiritual heads of the Pushti Marg sect were called Maharaj. These spiritual heads were engaged in expanding their sect in Bombay in the 19th century. By 1860, there were five Maharajs in the entire Bombay city.

Karsandas used to do social reform through Satyaprakash newspaper

Satya Prakash was a Gujarati weekly newspaper founded by social reformer and journalist Karsandas. Published in the then Bombay, the newspaper was started in 1855. In 1861, it merged with Dadabhai Naoroji's popular newspaper Rast Goftar.

Journalist Karsandas had exposed the Maharaj of Pushti Marg sect

In 1855, for the first time, Maharajas were accused of sexual abuse

In fact, Karsandas himself belonged to a business family who followed the Pushti Marg sect. He went against his family and exposed the corruption in the Pushti Marg sect. In 1855, for the first time, the Maharajas were accused of sexual abuse. At that time, Bombay's most senior Maharaj Jivanlal rejected the allegations of the social reformers.

High Court bans the release of Aamir Khan's son Junaid's film 'Maharaj', accused of hurting Hindu sentiments

The Maharaja of Surat had filed a case 160 years ago

When the criticism of the Maharaja of Bombay did not make any difference, Maharaja Jadunathji Maharaj of Surat filed a defamation case in the Bombay Supreme Court on 14 May 1861, which was widely discussed in 1862. This case caught fire from Bombay to London. The hearing of this case began on 25 January 1862 and ended on 4 March 1862. On 22 April 1862, the verdict in this case came in favor of journalist Karsandas.

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The doctor who treated Maharaj's sexual disease became a witness

The hearing of the case began in the court of Bombay Supreme Court Chief Justice Mathew Soose and Joseph Amold. This case was so much in discussion at that time that during the hearing, thousands of people used to reach the court to hear the arguments of the case. Journalists and media groups from the country and abroad used to gather there. In the verdict, the judges said that a journalist is a teacher among the people. The journalist did his duty and the religious leader misled the people. During this case, the help of many sociologists was also taken. Along with this, those doctors were also made witnesses who had treated the religious leader suffering from a sexual disease like syphilis.

Vallabha was born in a Telugu Brahmin family in South India

Vallabhacharya was a great 16th-century Indian saint and philosopher. He was born in a Telugu Brahmin family in South India. In 1494, he started the Pushtimarg sect by adopting Lord Krishna's Brahmasambandha mantra in the Bhagavad Gita. This religion was a Vaishnava path. At that time it was most popular in the Braj-Mathura region.

Saint Vallabhacharya

Saint Vallabhacharya started the Pushti Marg sect within Vaishnavism

What was the Vallabha sect, which God did they believe in?

Vallabhacharya gave the philosophy of Shuddhadvaitvaad. In this sect, Krishna is loved more than his youth, which is mentioned in the Bhagavata Purana. In this, the worship of Govardhan mountain is of great importance. According to Shuddhadvait, Krishna is the lord of this universe, his worship gives spiritual liberation. Along with food, music is also important in this sect. This sect has influence in many areas of the country including Rajasthan, Gujarat, Western Uttar Pradesh. The religious heads of this sect were called Maharaj.

Why is there protest against the film on social media?

#BoycottNetflix is ​​trending on social media regarding the film 'Maharaj'. People say that if their religious sentiments are hurt in the film, it will not be tolerated. People say that the Netflix platform should be boycotted, because many anti-Hindu films and web series have already been released on it. It should be boycotted. A user wrote – 'Father made fun of Lord Shiva in PK, now the son is bent on insulting Hinduism.' Recently, Bajrang Dal has also filed a petition in Mumbai's Dindoshi Court to stop the release of 'Maharaj'.

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