A new drama is going on to garner sympathy… Modi listed every case against Rahul and called him a serial criminal

Ananya Shroff
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New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday evening responded to the ongoing debate on the motion of thanks on the President's address in the Lok Sabha. During this, he also responded to all the allegations made by the opposition leader. PM Modi fiercely attacked the Congress and Rahul Gandhi. Along with this, he said that a new drama has been started to garner sympathy. A new game is being played.

Targeted Rahul Gandhi through an anecdote

While answering in the Lok Sabha, PM Modi targeted Rahul Gandhi through an anecdote. He said that I am going to tell a story. A child came from school and started crying loudly. Seeing her child crying, his mother also got scared. The child started saying, mother, today this person hit me, that person hit me. Then the mother asked, son tell me what happened, but he was crying and was not telling. The child did not tell his mistake that he tore the book of another child. He did not tell that he called the teacher a thief. He also did not tell that he had stolen someone's tiffin and ate it. Yesterday we saw the same childish act in the House. Yesterday the lamentation of childish intelligence was going on here. I was beaten. This person hit me, that person hit me, this was going on.

PM Modi listed the allegations against Rahul Gandhi

Along with this, PM Modi said that the country knows the truth that he (Rahul Gandhi) is on bail in the case of embezzlement of thousands of crores of rupees. He has been convicted. He had to apologize in the Supreme Court for giving an irresponsible statement in the case of calling OBC people thieves. A case is going on against him for insulting a great personality like great freedom fighter Veer Savarkar. A case is going on against him for calling the president of the country's largest party a murderer. Today the whole country has understood his truth. Today the country is telling him that you will not be able to do this.

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