A new block will be built for OPD of Heart and Neuro in Delhi ESMC, know how patients will benefit

Ananya Shroff
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New Delhi: AIIMS has taken another initiative in the interest of patients, under which a new super specialty block will be built for OPD of Heart and Neuro. There will be OPD of Cardiology, Cardiac Surgery, Neurology and Neurosurgery here. Patients will be admitted in the Cardiac Neuro Center. There will be only OPD in the new block and only admission and surgery will be done in the old block. AIIMS Director said that our aim is to provide better facilities to the patients. For this, it has been decided to build a new OPD block.

Big decision to help patients

In fact, every day around 12 to 13 thousand patients come to OPD in AIIMS. These include patients from every department. OPD of all general departments has started in the new building, which is fully equipped with facilities like air conditioning, lift and escalator. AIIMS has Cardiac Neuro Center for the treatment of heart and neuro diseases. OPD is held on the ground floor of this 7-storey building. In this, OPD of Cardiology, Cardiac Surgery, Neurology and Neurosurgery is held on different days in turn.

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Steps taken in view of heavy crowd

Due to the lack of space, there is a lot of crowd here. Along with the patients, there are also attendants. There is no place for everyone to sit, because there is not enough space even to put chairs. To overcome this problem, the AIIMS administration has planned to expand the OPD, the work of which can start soon.

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What did AIIMS director say

Regarding this, AIIMS Director Dr. M Srinivas said that a place has been decided near the new OPD. A new building will be built here. This will be a super specialty block along with OPD. Its tender has been allotted and its work will start soon. Dr. Srinivas said that the currently running Heart and Neuro OPDs will be completely shifted to the new building. This will provide more space to the patients here and the facilities will also be better. He also indicated that in future all OPDs from the main AIIMS campus can be shifted to Masjid Moth area, where there can also be an RP center.

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