A disabled fan reached the jail by riding a tricycle for 500 KM to meet Darshan, kept pleading with the police

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Kannada actor Darshan Thoogudeepa is currently behind bars in the murder case of his fan Renukaswamy. It is reported that his custody has been extended till July 4. The actor's close friend and actress Pavitra Gowda has also been kept in the same jail. Darshan has a huge fan following and now many people do not like his going to jail. It is reported that one of his disabled fans has come to meet the actor from about 500 kilometers away on a three-wheeler. He has demanded from the police that they let him meet his favorite actor just once. He says that he wants to meet him only once and then go home.

According to the report of 'News 18', the name of this disabled fan is Suryakant who is a resident of Shahpur in Karnataka. He says that he is very upset after Darshan's arrest and so he reached there to meet Darshan with his tricycle. It is said that the fan has told the police that he is indebted to the actor because in the year 2003, when he was surrounded by troubles, the actor had helped him financially. Suryakant has told the police that the actor had given him 50 thousand rupees then.

Renukaswamy sends message to actress Pavitra to stay away from darshan

However, this fan has been told that Darshan is allowed to meet only his family members. The 33-year-old fan is currently in jail in the Renukaswamy murder case. It is said that in January, Pavitra Gowda celebrated her 10th anniversary with Darshan and since then there has been a discussion about their relationship. It is reported that Renukaswamy, who used to send messages to Pavitra earlier, was upset with this news. He now started sending messages to Pavitra to stay away from Darshan, which the actress ignored at first but later it turned into threats.

Renukaswami was tortured after being kidnapped

It is said that after this, on the behest of Pavitra, Darshan kidnapped Renukaswamy with the help of some of his friends. According to reports, he was tortured and beaten a lot before being murdered, after which he died. It is said that the friends who had blood stains on their clothes in this incident bought new clothes for themselves from a nearby shop and changed them there.

Both actors were caught on CCTV footage

Let us tell you that on June 9, the police found the body of Renukaswami. During the investigation of the case, CCTV footage showed Darshan and Pavitra leaving the crime scene and it was found that the mobile numbers of both were active in the same area from 11 pm to 3 am. After this was discovered, Darshan and Pavitra were arrested on June 11. So far, not only Darshan and Pavitra but 17 more people have been arrested in this case apart from these two.

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