8 hours duty, AC loco pilot cab, while counting the facilities, why did the Railway Minister say – it is necessary to tell

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New Delhi: Recently, opposition leader Rahul Gandhi had said that he would raise the problems of train drivers and other matters of the railways. Rahul Gandhi had met the loco pilots last week. Now Railway Minister Ashwini Vaishnav has told about the facilities given to the train drivers. He said that loco pilots are important members of the railway family. A lot of misinformation and drama is being done by the opposition to discourage our loco pilots, so it is important that I make things absolutely clear. He posted about this on X. He said that the duty hours of loco pilots are carefully monitored. There is full facility to rest after the journey. The duty hours are fixed. The average duty in the month of June this year is less than 8 hours

He said that before 2014, the condition of the loco pilot cab was very bad. Since 2014, the cab has been improved and ergonomic seats have been installed. Not only this, more than 7,000 loco cabs of the train are AC. AC cabs are being made in new engines. When the duty of the loco pilot is over and the journey is completed, he comes to the running room to rest. Before 2014, the condition of the running room was very bad.
Today almost all (558) running rooms are air conditioned. Foot massagers are also available in many running rooms. Congress had criticised it without understanding the working conditions of loco pilots. A major recruitment process has been completed in the last few years and 34,000 running staff have been recruited. At present the recruitment process for 18,000 running staff is underway. Any attempt to demoralise the Rail Parivar with fake news will fail. The entire Rail Parivar is united in the service of our nation.

What did Rahul Gandhi say?
Leader of Opposition in Lok Sabha Rahul Gandhi posted a post after meeting the loco pilots. He said that the India Alliance will raise the issues related to loco pilots and their rights in Parliament. Rahul Gandhi made this remark while posting a video of his recent interaction with loco pilots at New Delhi Railway Station on X. The former Congress president had said that the life of loco pilots has completely derailed under the Narendra Modi-led government. He said that loco pilots are forced to work for 16-16 hours sitting in boiling cabins in the heat.

In a post, Gandhi said that the people on whom the lives of millions of people depend have no confidence in their own lives. Deprived of even basic facilities like urinals, loco pilots have no limit on working hours and do not get any leave. Due to this, they are breaking down physically and mentally and are falling ill.

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