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'8 cockroaches in 1 dosa': Woman shares video of food served in Delhi cafe

Ronit Kawale
Ronit Kawale  - Senior Editor
2 Min Read

The dining experience of a woman at the renowned Madras Coffee House in Connaught Place (CP) took a horrifying turn when she discovered not one, but eight cockroaches in a plain dosa. Ishani, the woman, shared her traumatic ordeal on Instagram, labeling it a heart-wrenching truth.

The incident unfolded in early March when Ishani and her friend decided to indulge in South Indian cuisine at the restaurant. Shockingly, Ishani encountered something “weird” in her dosa, prompting her to inspect it closely. To her horror, she found cockroaches in her food, causing immediate disgust and discomfort.

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Recalling the distressing event in her Instagram post, Ishani detailed the unhygienic conditions of the restaurant’s kitchen, describing it as far from appealing. She highlighted the foul odor and the absence of a complete ceiling.

Expressing her frustration about food safety, Ishani questioned how such a reputed restaurant could display such negligence, especially on a busy day with numerous customers.

In her post, Ishani mentioned that despite assurances from the vegan restaurant’s owners to compensate her, she decided to refrain from making videos. She also revealed that she lodged a complaint at the local police station in CP and shared all relevant details with authorities responsible for food, sanitation, and hygiene.

Ishani’s Instagram post quickly gained traction on social media platforms, eliciting widespread outrage. Many individuals demanded accountability and swift action against the establishment for failing to uphold hygiene and safety standards.

The incident has sparked disgust among the public, highlighting the importance of maintaining strict hygiene protocols in food establishments.

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