5 Practical Uses for RO Water Purifier Waste Water

Ananya Shroff
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Image: Pexels

Clean Water and Its Waste

RO water purifiers provide us with clean and delicious water while safeguarding us from waterborne illnesses. However, there’s a significant issue with these purifiers—they waste a lot of water. To purify just 1 liter of water, they waste 3 liters. That means only 25% of the water is purified, and 75% is discarded. The water that comes out of the purifier contains high Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) and other impurities, making it unsuitable for drinking or bathing. But, there are several other ways to put this water to good use. Let’s explore five of them.

1. Use in Your Cooler

During the scorching summer months, coolers can consume 4-6 buckets of water. Instead of wasting fresh tap water, you can mix it with the rejected RO water and use it to fill your cooler.

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2. Cleaning Your Car or Washroom

Cleaning your toilet or washroom typically requires a bucketful of water. In this scenario, you can use the RO rejected water to clean, reducing overall water wastage.

3. Watering Your Garden

Using the rejected RO water to nurture your plants can extend their lifespan and promote healthy growth. Most plants can thrive even with TDS levels up to 2000ppm, so you can experiment by watering some plants to see the benefits.

4. Mopping and General Cleaning

Cleaning your home consumes a significant amount of water. You can contribute to water conservation by using the water discarded by your RO purifier for mopping and other cleaning tasks.

5. Washing Utensils

RO rejected water can also be used for washing dishes. Store this water in a tank and use it to rinse your utensils before scrubbing them, effectively reducing water wastage.

By implementing these practical ways to utilize RO waste water, you can not only save water but also make the most of a valuable resource.

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