27 years have passed since the announcement of 'Border 2', JP Dutta told- when will the film come and what will be the story

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27 years have passed since the announcement of 'Border 2', JP Dutta told- when will the film come and what will be the story

Sunny Deol made a strong comeback after 'Gadar 2' and after that he started signing back-to-back films. Right now he was shooting for 'Lahore 1947' with Aamir Khan. Now the news is that he will also be seen in the sequel of his superhit film 'Border' which came 27 years ago. This has been revealed by JP Dutta himself. It has been told that the film will come in the year 2026. However, its release date was announced a few days ago. It was told that it will be released on the occasion of Republic Day. The actor will be seen in his same character in this film directed by Anurag Singh and written by daughter Nidhi Dutta. JP Dutta, director of 'Border' released in 1997, told in an exclusive conversation with 'Bombay Times' how he will closely oversee this project as its producer. Information about the story of this film has also come to light. It has been told that the Indo-Pakistani war of 1971 will be shown in it, but in a different style.

JP Dutta told the story of 'Border 2'

JP Dutta said, “The sequel will be about other battles fought in the same war. The stories of bravery and valour of our armed forces will always be in the news and so will our love for our country. We respect the soldiers who have sacrificed their lives for us and it is important to hear those stories too.”

J.P. Dutta said his actors gave their best

Talking about the immense success of the original film, JP Dutta said, 'As a producer you know that sometimes some films have their own destiny, but in the case of Border, it was stories of valour. Our armed forces are so inspiring in everything they do that if the emotions are captured and portrayed correctly, it can create magic in people's hearts. Also, my actors gave their best. They played the characters very well.'

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Nidhi Dutta wrote 'Border 2' two years ago

JP Dutta told that 'Border 2' was written by his daughter Nidhi two years ago. 'She wrote the story and when she came to me, I was surprised that she too had developed a love for the army. She was able to write the emotions in true sense. Bhushan Kumar's joining us has further strengthened our desire to make this film.'

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