1947 A Restaurant Story: Jawaharlal Nehru had a deep connection with this place | Al Jawahar Restaurant

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Historic Eateries in Old Delhi: Al Jawahar Restaurant

Old Delhi is brimming with historical charm, and this essence is reflected not only in its ancient streets but also in its markets and shops. One such historical gem is ‘Al Jawahar,’ a unique restaurant that holds a special place in the heart of this vibrant city. Named after the beloved Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, the restaurant has a rich history dating back to its inauguration by Nehru himself. Let’s dive into the story of Al Jawahar and its cherished memories.

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The Legacy of Al Jawahar

Operated by the Qureshi family, Al Jawahar has a remarkable legacy. Although the restaurant was established in 1947, its official registration took place in 1948. The restaurant was initiated by Akram Qureshi’s grandfather and later passed down to his father. This familial succession has ensured the preservation of Al Jawahar’s traditions and flavors.

Celebrities and Delights

Al Jawahar has welcomed numerous politicians and celebrities, leaving an indelible mark on its history. Taking us on a tour, Akram Qureshi proudly showcased the spots where these notable figures had relished their meals. On the ground floor, Rahul Gandhi’s visit during Ramzan was highlighted, where he enjoyed dishes like chicken, kebabs, and bheja. Moving to the first floor, we learned that Lucky Ali and Badshah had also indulged in the restaurant’s offerings. Finally, the third floor bore witness to B Praak’s recent visit. A star-studded list including Sonu Nigam, Rajkumar Santoshi, Honey Singh, and Sajid-Wajid, among others, had also savored the delights of Al Jawahar.

Culinary Delights for All

The delectable menu at Al Jawahar attracts politicians and celebrities alike. Mutton Korma, Kebab, Mutton Nihari, and Khamiri Roti are some of the irresistible offerings that keep drawing patrons back. With prices ranging from Rs 10 plus taxes for Khamiri Roti to Rs 350 for Mutton Korma, the restaurant offers a diverse range of flavors to suit various palates. The complete menu and pricing details can be found on their website, “aljawaharrestaurant.com.”

Experience the Charm

To experience the charm of Al Jawahar, head to Jama Masjid metro station via the violet line. Exiting from Gate No. 1, you’ll find the restaurant located at the entrance of the renowned Matia Mahal market, right across from Jama Masjid. The restaurant operates seven days a week, welcoming guests from 8:00 am to 1:00 am.

Al Jawahar stands as a testament to Old Delhi’s historical grandeur. With a legacy dating back to its inception in 1947, the restaurant continues to delight visitors with its flavorful offerings. Its association with iconic figures and the warmth with which they serve their dishes make Al Jawahar a must-visit culinary destination in the heart of Old Delhi.

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