1000 phone numbers, investigation from every angle in four phases… Know CBI's plan in the paper leak case

Ananya Shroff
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New Delhi: There is an uproar across the country over the NEET and UGC NET paper leak case. The CBI is investigating the irregularities in both these exams. The CBI team has reached Bihar and Gujarat to investigate the matter. Here the investigating agency is collecting important evidence. According to sources, the CBI investigation of the paper leak case will be done in four phases. In this investigation, the entire process from making and printing the exam paper to delivering it to different examination centers across the country will be investigated. The National Testing Agency (NTA), which conducts both the exams, follows strict rules to maintain confidentiality, in such a situation any kind of irregularity is a very serious matter.

Keep track of everyone involved in the exam process

The CBI is also keeping an eye on those who were involved in the process before the examination began. This includes people who prepared, printed and carried the paper from one place to another. It is the responsibility of these people to take care of confidentiality and security till a few hours before the paper begins. The CBI is trying to identify the weak links in the entire examination process. CBI officials are investigating every small and big thing.

CBI is investigating thousands of names and phone numbers

According to the information, the CBI team is now using the database of one thousand names and phone numbers found in the investigation to reach people associated with the paper leak. This also includes data related to old cases like the Vyapam scam. This is helping the investigating agency to identify suspects and find out their mutual relations, which can expose the paper leak gang.

Investigation is going on in Gujarat and Bihar

Let us tell you that on Monday, the CBI team reached Godhra in Gujarat to investigate the NEET paper leak case. Godhra police has arrested 27 people on charges of helping in NEET paper by taking Rs 10 lakh each. Apart from this, the investigating agency also reached Bihar. The police of both these states have arrested many accused in the paper leak case.

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