100 year old World War II warrior and his 96 year old girlfriend, their love story is very interesting

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Love and affection are never bound by age, they are independent. If you find a good and understanding partner in life, then love can happen at any time, this was proved by 100-year-old Harold Terence, a soldier who participated in the Second World War, and his 96-year-old girlfriend Jean Swerlin. They not only fell in love at this age, but also got married.

Nowadays people start getting worried about marriage as they grow older, they feel that if they delay marriage then they will hardly find a partner. It is said that everything is decided for a time in destiny, some things are found at the right time. Sometimes this formula applies to love as well, Harold Terence's love story is also something like this. (Photo courtesy: Getty, AP)

Terrence-Swerlin's first meeting

Harold Terence and Jean Swerlin, who fought for America in World War II, first met in 1942. Swerlin says that she was in high school then. 20-year-old Harold was an Air Force corporal in the US Army and had come on a tour in France. That's when we met and we both fell in love with each other. Harold is very romantic and a great kisser. Whenever we met, we would definitely kiss each other.

Love separated from world war

When Harold Terrence went to World War II, their paths parted and they separated from each other. After the war was over, Terrence married a girl named Thelma, with whom he has three children. Although Terrence and Thelma's marriage lasted for 70 years, Thelma passed away in 2018 and Terrence was left alone.

Old love happened again after 78 years

Old love happened again after 78 years

The biggest example of true love never getting separated was seen in the story of Terence and Swerlin. They suddenly met after 78 years in 2021 through a relative. In this way the sleeping love awakened again. And both started dating each other, Terence believes that Swerlin made his life beautiful.

wedding in a special place

wedding in a special place

Just like the love story of Terence and Swerlin, they chose a special place to make their wedding memorable. According to media reports, Terence went to Normandy, France for the first time when he was 20 years old. He was part of the Allied forces in World War II, which carried out the Normandy invasion on 6 June 1944, under which the Allied forces liberated France from Nazi occupation. Which is also called 1944 or D-Day of World War II.

Now 80 years later, Harold Terence again reached Normandy, although this time too he was not alone, but was with his girlfriend. Here he wrote a love story by marrying 96-year-old Jean Swerlin at the age of 100. The special thing was that some people in the wedding were wearing costumes from the time of World War II.

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